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Dengue fever claimed more lives in Punjab during November as compared to the total death toll of the previous 10 months despite a drastic decrease in the number of patients. Official data shows that 27 people died due to dengue fever across the province during the past month, raising the death toll during the ongoing year to 45.

However, there were also indications of an improvement in the overall situation as the number of new cases of the disease dropped to 3,768 in November from 8,500 in October. The situation in the hospitals also improved substantially as 355 patients were undergoing treatment after admission to the facilities in the province on Wednesday as compared to 1,067 at the end of the previous month. Of the total 355 patients, as many as 178 are admitted to hospitals in Punjab. The disease has cost the province 35 lives during the past two months.


Reported on : 02.December, 2022

Source: The Express Tribune



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