Pak One Health Alliance

The fourth International Workshop on Participatory Surveillance (IWOPS IV), was held by Ending Pandemics from (31st October to 3rd November) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Pak One Health Alliance (POHA) represented Pakistan and contributed in this workshop.

The objectives of this workshop were;

  • Make participative surveillance a best practice for early identification and quick action.
  • Promote the sharing of community, diagnosis data among new partners and locations.
  • Discuss experiences with participatory monitoring techniques during a pandemic, during large events, or with migratory, displaced, or underserved communities.
  • Connect smart thermometers, wearables, at-home diagnostics, and genomic sequencing for validation.
  • Explore using crowd-sourced information for disease prediction and early warning

Participants from different countries attended this workshop.



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