Pak One Health Alliance

Dr. Moin Iqbal
Dr. Moin is a Veterinary Epidemiologist and served as COVID-19 Surveillance Officer (Focal Person for Rabies & CCHF) at NIH – Islamabad (CDC Project 2017–22). Prior to it he served as Veterinary Officer at Livestock/Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Sindh. During service, he attended short courses on; Animal care Specialist, Master Trainer (Dengue Surveillance & DHIS-2), Biorisk Management and Non-proliferation Mechanism, IDSR System Master training,  Table Top Lab Simulation Exercise, IPC and Risk Communication, One Health Training Program, Biosafety Program. Also attended Online Short Courses on; Global Health, Renal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Incident Management System, AMR Stewardship, Molecular Detection of Rabies Virus, Detecting and Responding to Emerging Diseases, Methods for detection, prevention, response and control (Measuring & Maximizing Impact of COVID-19). He also attended number of conferences, workshops and seminars on National Action Plan to Combat AMR and IHR-PVS National One Health Bridging Workshop. Currently, Dr. Moin is working with POHA as Consultant for OH-EBS Project.