Pak One Health Alliance

Dr. Suleman Atique

Dr. Suleman, after achieving his Bachelor (Pharm-D) done MS in Health Informatics and Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Informatics. Health informatics and its applications is the mainstay of his motivation & academic career. He is looking to explore new horizons of knowledge and learning in the field of health informatics & Public Health and looking for an academic and research position in the domain of health informatics. He has specific research interests include Health Information systems, Public Health Informatics, Infectious disease epidemiology, GIS applications in Healthcare, Global Health and applications of ICT’s in health sector to improve public health around the globe. He has multiple publications in his credit. Dr. Suleman, currently working as Assistant Professor at the University Institute of Public Health, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Lahore. He is associated with POHA as an Expert on Health Informatics.