Pak One Health Alliance

Date:13 Feb 2022

Source: The News International

Banana plantings in Sindh have been struck by Panama wilt, a soil-borne fungus that originated in Tando Allahyar district. The Agriculture Extension Department said not following standard operating procedures and not keeping infected plants under quarantine may lead to colossal losses for farmers. They believe the fungus exists in all the banana fields across the province.

Researchers pointed out that the fungus was first reported in the coastal district of Thatta in 2010-2011. But authorities did not take it seriously and it was spreading. Farmers even recall the deadly disease in 1988 when it destroyed many banana fields. Researchers are keeping a close eye on the situation. Since chemical agents are not effective in managing the disease, the only options are prevention, very early recognition and rapid containment of outbreaks to prevent an epidemic.

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