Pak One Health Alliance

POHA- Annual Report 2020

I am very much delighted to write this message for Annual Report – 2020 of Pak One Health Alliance. It’s an immense pleasure for me that POHA has completed another successful year of operation. On the eve of this superb achievement I would like to congratulate the entire POHA team, it’s Executive Body and the […]

Annual Report 2017-18

It gives me an immense pleasure to write few words for Annual Report of Pak One Health Alliance for year 2017-18. Undoubtedly, POHA is a newly created organization, but it has occupied a unique role and position to strengthening the Public Health System by designing and implementing innovative model that aligning to national and international […]

Annual Report 2015-2016

One of my key goals as CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is improving how we work together. By that, I mean how we work as a team within the foundation and how we work with our larger team of partners to build better lives for the people we serve.

In the year since I wrote my last annual letter, I’ve made some important changes at the foundation—changes that will help all of us maximize the impact of our work together.