Pak One Health Alliance

It gives me an immense pleasure to write few words for Annual Report of Pak One Health Alliance for year 2017-18. Undoubtedly, POHA is a newly created organization, but it has occupied a unique role and position to strengthening the Public Health System by designing and implementing innovative model that aligning to national and international health priority. It’s our pride that POHA in its initial stage of operation has earned the commendable collaboration of its international partners including SECID, CORDS, SGTF and remained engaged in implementation of projects like Leishmaniasis disease Gap Analysis Study and improving surveillance and control of vector borne diseases in Pakistan, particularly dengue, malaria & leishmaniasis. Successful implementation of these projects has resulted in strengthening the foundation of “One Health Concept” in the country that is imperative for efficient and effective control of diseases. POHA is playing its role in advocacy, capacity building, developing tools and resource
material for assessments and trainings towards improving health status of population. Based on the experience, we are committed to continue our dedication aiming at to supporting the national health policy makers, the healthcare providers and the ultimate service users (community) to help curtail the national disease burden. Here we would like to invite the national and provincial governments, valued partners and the community based local organizations to “Unite for Cause” and support POHA for developing
community beneficial programmes in onward years.